Monday, July 16, 2012

Words With Friends

And because I have been thinking about friends for the last few days I realized I had yet another category of friends - the originals being those that I can see with my own two eyes, and my online friends that I probably "talk" to more than anyone else. But I almost forgot about a subset of my friends. The ones I used to know in flesh and blood that now are my Words With Friends Friends.

I have several friends from my previous home that I have ongoing games with. We play every day. One is incredibly smart and seems to always bet me. But I just assumed it was because she is so smart... always reading those really smart books. It doesn't matter if I am ahead in the beginning, she knows how to play the game. When I do beat her, I throw myself a little party because it doesn't happen very often.

Another one I swear cheats. How, because she was my gym buddy and I know her vocabulary and I know the books that she reads. But it is also one of the reasons I adore her. Most of the words she plays I would bet she doesn't know the definition of, she admits it. Many of them I have never even heard of, and promptly start checking the dictionary. You know, as a way to improve my vocabulary (which is how I justify playing games at all) and improve my game.

And yet another friend is, well, just like me. She is also the best friend that I referred to in my post last week. It is only fitting that our games should be fairly evenly divided. She wins some, I win some. We always play words that we both know - we are evenly matched, and it makes for a fun game.

One of them hasn't played in a few days and she is always playing. It has been three days since she played a tile. In the year or so we have been playing that has never happened, even when she has been on vacation. It leads me to believe that something is probably going on. It means I should probably call. Funny how when you stop "talking" to people in favor of "playing games and texting", making a phone call seems like a foreign idea.

I am praying everything is alright, because I feel completely helpless so far away. Time to make a connection, the old fashioned way.


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