Friday, June 10, 2011

Add Personal Assistant to My Title

Not only am I the doctors wife, mother to his children, housekeeper, financial planner and chef, I can now add Personal Assistant to my resume.

The doctor found out yesterday that he needed to have logged all of his surgical cases into their database by the end of day.  He keeps barcoded printed stickers for each of his cases in a little black leather journal in his "office" at home. He called just after lunch to see if I would be able to scan some pages and email them to him so he could input them between clinical patients. So I scanned and emailed several pages.

Then when he came home he once again began working on these logs. They were slow going. So after putting the kids to bed he asked if I would help him by reading the information to him so he could input them into the database and make the deadline. We were done just before midnight, and he said that had I not helped he probably wouldn't have slept. Not a good thing considering he had cases to do today!

It is easy for me to lecture him on the importance of logging them once a month or even once a week to avoid having to cram a years worth of surgical cases into one evening. But, I also don't work 80 hours a week as it is. I can imagine that mundane task being the last thing he would want to do at the end of the day. Probably a lot like me and dishes. Chances are good we'll probably replay this event next year - hopefully for the last time!

(For the HIPA worriers, there were no names and I have no idea what the CPT codes meant, I was just reading numbers in the order he needed to enter them).

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