Thursday, June 9, 2011

Resident Graduation

Last night my husband and I attended the annual resident graduation and dinner hosted by the hospital. The closest thing to a date we've had in months! These events are always lavish affairs and it is nice to get out and see the people that my husband spends most of his time with.

It was also sad. Many of these people we won't see again. They are headed off to jobs in different states, starting new lives, and many of them starting families too. And then I got really happy as it sank in that next year that will be us! Instead of watching people move on, for yet another year, it will be our turn to leave the "nest" and pursue the next chapter in our life.

We have one year left in residency. It's amazing how quickly the past 5 years have passed, but at the same time how long they have been. Can those two sentiments co-exist? Looking back they were fast, and I hope, looking forward, the next year will go quickly.

Anyhow, back to the party. We could have brought our children, but decided not to because we don't get nearly enough time alone. That and getting myself ready was work enough I didn't want to multiply that by 4! Next year we'll have our family of 6 celebrating a long awaited, hard-won, achievement. This will be the party of the year (for us).

My husband is wonderful. I can't go anywhere without someone who knows him telling me how great he is to work with, how nice he is, what a wonderful surgeon he is... they go on and on. I know it's true. Last year at this event he received the Resident of the Year award, and this year the program director couldn't help but gush over the fellowship he will be starting when we leave this program. Neurosurgeons are often known for their egos, but this man is humble. A quality I admire.

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