Monday, June 6, 2011

Should Have Been A Dentist

There are days when I wish the path my husband had chosen would have been shorter.

Last week I called to make an appointment to see the dentist for a check up and cleaning. As I was talking with the receptionist, trying to schedule this appointment, she told me what their hours were: Monday-Wednesday 8-3, off Thursday, and 8-12 on Friday. No wonder I have a hard time getting in! With a schedule like that the dentist is always booked.

I have a friend who is married to a dentist. Whenever I see her around town she is without her three children. It doesn't matter what time of day or night, she is always on her own. When I ask "where are the kids?" she says, they are with their dad. In their defense he is a good 12 years older than we are so I suppose you can say that he's put in his time. Now he works just a few days a week. I can't begrudge that. But I do get a tad jealous when I think of all the time they have together (or alone).

I am not the only one that laments not going to dental school over medical school. Occasionally my husband will get in on it too! No residency. You graduate and can start your own practice. There are virtually no emergencies. Regular hours, no holidays, no weekends, no evenings. He did think about it. He has several extended family members who are in some aspect of dentistry, but it wasn't for him.

Some people have passions, some have jobs, some people have careers, some have callings. Those who choose the long road in medicine must be called, because who else would sacrifice so much? I try to remind myself that this is more than a job, more than a profession, this is part of his calling in life, and by extension my calling as well.

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  1. "Those who choose the long road in medicine must be called, because who else would sacrifice so much?" YES. I have never heard it phrased this way, but this rings true. They dedicate so much time and energy - not to mention money - to the field, it can't be anything but a calling.

    My husband chose his specialty partly based on lifestyle. But it will still be YEARS before he has a 9-5 schedule.


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