Saturday, June 11, 2011

Boys vs. Girls

Warning: I am feeling sorry for myself.

Ah, Saturday - and it happens to be a day off! But wait. There is always a but. That's right the doctor isn't in. In all fairness I could be with him, we could all be together. That also means we would all be miserable together.

Today he is in the big city with our son attending the PhD graduation of his brother-in-law. His step-mother who we haven't seen in a while is coming up, it should be a great reunion of sorts. Before the big party he and our son are going to spend some male bonding time (because this poor little boys doesn't get nearly enough of that in a house full of girls) at a museum. And when they get home it will be past bedtime. So on the doctors day off, I have seen him for about 60 minutes.

I'm trying not to feel to depressed about the arrangement, because I could be there, I realize it was my choice. But I am due in 13 days. The car ride is 2.75 hours each way. The baby's position makes it difficult to sit very long and I can't walk very far. I would be miserable, and everyone with me would be, too. So the boys have left and the girls are home.

We've tried to make the most of it. This morning I got them bathed and dressed up and we went out to lunch. Then we came home and took naps together. And for the evening I think we'll do a little window shopping and then come home and paint finger nails and toe nails. I think I may even let them attempt to do mine. That's right I still haven't gotten the professional pedicure I was talking about. Before the baby comes though!

But the point of this post is: there is always something that takes up the doctors time on his day off. Always. Days off are more of an illusion, a happy thought, than reality.  At least when the baby comes he will have a few days off. We'll see if those days turn out to be "off".

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