Saturday, June 18, 2011

Date Night

In theory weekly date nights sound like a great idea. Everyone needs time away with their spouse, away from the hospital, away from the kids. But realistically trying to do one every week is nigh unto impossible. Have you seen what a residents schedule is like?

I often joke that we would need to have a "on-call" babysitter so just in case he comes home we can go out. But who is going to sign up for that job? Who is going to turn down another babysitting job so they can be available just in case the doctor gets home in time to do something. And really how often does he get home in enough time? This is one of those situations when having family near would be great. Because they would gladly do something like this on short notice, and would understand that when you have a few hours, unexpectedly, you need to take advantage of it, because you don't know when it will happen again. (And typically they don't expect payment).

Besides only getting a date outside of the house about once every other month, there is the dilemma of money yet again. We usually only have enough in our budget to pay the babysitter, or go get dinner - but not both. That makes for some interesting nights out. We have tried to swap babysitting nights with another couple and have had some success, but they moved today, and in all honestly it didn't always work out as planned because of the above mentioned schedule. We will still try.

This happens to be on my mind because tonight we are going out! The last time we went out was in March for our anniversary. It is sad, but true. Not because we don't want to, not because we don't need to, but because timing is everything.

So we are paying a babysitter tonight and we may go out to dinner! Big spenders we are :-) And who knows with this baby coming it may be a while before we get to do it again.

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