Monday, June 11, 2012

Dream BIG

We are in the early stages of job searching. Between now and Christmas we hope to have a contract in hand and a destination for our future.

Our dreams are to be closer to our family. What are the odds? We recognize that we might have to settle for something "nearby". But could we really be in the same city as one of our family members? Is it possible that it might work out that way?

Last week a job hit the wire in our hometown.

My DrH called to tell me about it and he kind of laughed it off. The laugh that says, "there must be something wrong with this job". Faculty appointment, research connections, residents, nice salary, etc. It sounds too good to be true.  At this point they all do!

Most of the job listings don't give exacts. They give "bait" to get you to call so the recruiter can ask questions and size the candidate up before giving away the secret location. There are certain locations that everyone wants to be in. There are certain hospitals that people want to work for.

Recruiters don't want to just give the location away..... but they skirt around the edges talking about the culture, the seasons, the amenities, the schools, etc. Reading the description would have given it away to anyone who knew the area as intimately as we did. But those jobs are usually snapped up quickly.

What started out as a call to just see where it was and what it was about, has turned in to a "this could be the ONE"!

The recruiter initially said they were looking for someone for 2012 but since he was familiar with the area and the patient population she would send his CV on. Within two days one of the doctors called to talk.

It is a group of three, and as fate would have it my husband shares authorship of a abstract with the doctor he is talking with. They know many of the same people, we are doing a fellowship at the same location this surgeon did his. They have the same ideas as far as plans for the future, and group positioning. They hit it off so well the Dr. even said "I want you."

Now we wait and see if "I want you" means what it sounds like it means. We are crossing our fingers hoping that we get the call that says "Dr. we would like to fly you out for an interview".


  1. This is amazing! I hope it works out as it is meant to. Congrats on finishing residency and starting the final chapter of training. And thank you for sharing your experiences along the way.

  2. Congrats! I hope it works out well and turns out to be your dream job!


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