Friday, June 15, 2012

Macaroni Kid

If you haven't been introduced to Macaroni Kid, please allow me the pleasure. I love this FREE site!

I became acquainted with this treasure of a website a few years ago when a friend of mine, had a friend who became a local publisher for this national site.

There are sites all over the country!

It has come in handy as we have traveled out of state, and now as we are preparing to move to another state.

Today I subscribed (FREE) to our new cities newsletter and already found three things to do the week that we move in. The first is discounted summer movies, where for $1 you gain admission to a 2nd run movie. The second and third are free museum dates. One is for the Natural History Museum, and the other is for the Children's Museum. Score!

Their publishers scour their cities for things to do for the family/kids and then publish every thing that is going on during that week. They also offer tips and articles on other things as well. Honestly, I am only interested in the finding stuff to do!

From their national site, just enter your state and city. You will be automatically directed to that city's page. Their format is such that the first entry is usually a blog post of some sort and then a listing of activities for that week. For fun you should go and check it out. You might find something new to do!

If you don't have an up and running Macaroni Kid site in your town, you could even start one. My friends friend makes a nice paycheck writing for them. Something to think about if you are so inclined.

Disclosure: I have absolutely no affiliation with Macaroni Kid. No one asked me to review their site. No one is compensating me for recommending them. I just really like having someone else do the work and publish a list of things for me to do. I think it is nice, and perhaps you may get just as much use out of it as I do. I like it, therefore I share:-)

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