Friday, June 1, 2012

I Hate When That Happens

It always happens the same way.

I stay up late watching tv. I head to bed because I realize that somebody is probably going to be up in a couple of hours wanting some comfort (baby). I lay down and a great idea for a blog post comes to me. So good, I contemplate getting up and just writing it. But I convince myself, in my weary state, that it is so good that there is no way that I could ever forget it.

I smile at my brilliant thought and my sharp memory and go to sleep. When I wake up I remember that there was something I wanted to remember, but can't remember what. It is gone never to be seen again.

Maybe it is time to start sleeping with a pen and paper by my bedside, or maybe just my phone so I can make a quick voice note.

So what do I have for today? It isn't brilliant. It is desperate.

Have you seen my countdown gadget lately? Oh, yeah. Almost done!

I remember when I started this blog we had almost 400 days left. Then I remember it being around 200. And just like that it dropped and here we are in the low double digits. It is almost over. Finished. Complete.

Time to start a new countdown for fellowship. Only 365+ days to go. It's going to fly!

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