Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mid-life Crisis

Yesterdays post was all about graduation, but I left out a piece because it deserved it's own post.

My DrH is coming up on 40. I know!!!! And he is officially in midlife crisis mode. I understand why, but I feel awful for being the one to put the brakes on his urge to go crazy and spend like a drunken sailor.

When he was down last month we stopped at the local Porsche dealer and picked out our "date" car: a cayman. I love that car. I have a great picture of me leaning up against that beautiful car. Could I ever really own one and feel good driving it around. Maybe. I'd be willing to give it a try. It would be a far cry from the 2001 mini-van!

After graduation, we spent Saturday test driving BMW's:-) It was lovely. In fact, I fully support his desire to have a nice car.... when the time is right. Sadly, now is not the time. I do feel bad about it. I want him to have a nice car. I want him to have something that marks his achievement and hard work. I do. It would be great if we had loads of money in the bank and not a care in the world. As it is we have a lot of expenses coming up. Most of those have to do with that fellowship. We could have been done!

But we aren't really done yet, are we? We still have a fellowship to start and finish and we don't have a job offer, yet

He has always been a car guy, but lately it's become obsessive. It doesn't help that all the other residents in the program have nice cars. They also don't have 4 kids and a stay at home wife. That makes a difference.

He has been driving their cars. Looking at their cars. He compares his old Camry with the other cars in the doctors parking lot and feels sad. I get that.

We compromised a little. I told him the 1 series looks cheap. The 3 series are all over the road. If he wants to get a 5 series sedan I will totally support that after he has a signed contract for a lucrative job. That seems fair, doesn't it?

I thought so, but now he tells me he has changed his mind about what he wants. Now it is an Infiniti FX. If I wait long enough maybe he will come back around to the Toyota Camry way of thinking.


  1. How did I miss yesterday's post?!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! You did it!!!! Yay!!

    About the car. HA! Do you want me to tell you about our mid-life crisis that resides in the garage and is hardly ever driven? It's parked on carpet and is not allowed out inclement weather? However, he got it at 45, not 40. We were still broke at 40.

  2. Andy wants a Jeep Wrangler (not too crazy, I know), but we've decided that he should continue to drive his 1999 Pontiac Grand Am at least until he has a job offer 3rd year of residency IF he's moonlighted a ton second and third year AND our credit card balances are paid off.

  3. Your husband deserves a nice car. Be glad he is only asking for a BMW. I personally would prefer a Mercedes. Less tempermental, larger interior and one of the safest cars on the road- no joke. My aunt was hit in a c class rental (she normally drives the E class) by a nutjob who was trying to kill himself going the wrong way on a dark road. Impact at 100mph. My aunt walked away and the cops said: if she were in anything other than a Volvo or Mercedes she would be dead. And btw...do you notice a difference in superficiality of where you are currently living? Night and day compared to the Midwest.=) And if you want a nice car i noticed there is a R class model that seats like a suburban of the Mercedes line. Y'all should go test drive those...E Class is the baller brand of Mercedes. (The engine is insanely fast and the price tag will leave you rolling in pennies!:)) but your husband will never complain.


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