Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Father's Day

My kids miss their dad. We have been apart for the last two months. Sure he made a visit in May, but it isn't the same as seeing him every day, or at least a couple times a week:-)

I can tell that things have started to take a toll on us all. Yesterday my son had a serious meltdown. His behavior has been getting progressively more belligerent and angry (for a 7 year old). A simple talk on the phone with his dad for 20 minutes cured everything.

This exchange further reinforced my belief that children need both of their parents. Our children respond differently to their dad. And I couldn't do this without him (even though he is gone a lot), he is still in it with me.

I don't think that is just my imagination. When I think of what happens when he is home I am struck by the differences.

When dad is home we eat dinner together, as a family. When dad is gone, the kids eat at the table and I retreat for some "alone" time.

When dad is home there is always something to do. When dad is gone, the TV is on... a lot.

When dad is home my mood greatly improves. When dad is gone, there is a good chance mom is going to yell... a lot.

When dad is home the kids have someone to jump on. When dad is gone, I don't want anyone touching me.

When dad is home we laugh more. When dad is gone, laughter usually means that someone is doing something they aren't supposed to do.

When dad is home, mom can get things done. When dad is gone, mom can only think about all the things she needs to get done.

When dad is home life feels better, calmer. When dad is gone, life feels....blah, and chaotic.

When dad is home we actually get out of the house. When dad is gone, we rarely go anywhere.

My kids obviously miss their dad! I miss him too.

I always tell him that this journey would be so much easier if we didn't love him so much:-) Instead we miss him every minute of every day.

I cannot wait to be reunited again, as a family. I cannot wait to get back into a routine, even if that routine means that he will be working a lot. Just knowing that he is in the same city, and will be coming home soon will make a world of difference.

Only a few more days. I wish it were today.

He really is an amazing man, and we don't tell him often enough. Happy Fathers Day!

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