Monday, June 4, 2012

Full Moon

You'd better watch out - tonight is a Full Moon.

When ever there is a rash of crazy people at the hospital my husband says it must have been a full moon. Could he be right? 

I am no scientist, just a mother with some time on her hands late at night. But thanks to the power of the Internet you can find just about anything.

Unrelated: the other night my son wasn't feeling well and I went in to check on him. We talked about what could be the problem. It sounded like he was hungry, but we don't eat in the middle of the night. (By we, I mean I don't feed my children in the middle of the night - if I want a mid-night snack that is a matter altogether different). Anyway, he asked me to Google something to make him feel better. And why not? You can Google anything! (So Google is a noun and a verb - cool).

Here is an interesting article on Moon Myths: The Truth About Lunar Effects On You.

They cover studies on Epilepsy, Psychiatric visits, Emergency Room visits, Surgery outcomes, Menstruation, Sleep Deprivation, etc.

"If police and doctors are expecting that full moon nights will be more hectic, they may interpret an ordinary night's traumas and crises as more extreme than usual," explains our Bad Science Columnist Benjamin Radford. "Our expectations influence our perceptions, and we look for evidence that confirms our beliefs."

No direct correlation. Bummer. 

Personal experience tells me otherwise. Maybe the full moon gives me (and others like me) a heightened ability to "see" the crazies around us. They are always here, but this one night a month we know who they are. 

Might want to stay inside tonight.

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