Thursday, June 21, 2012

Single Digits

HOLY FREAKING COW!!!!  (that is as close to expletives as I get)

We are now in the single digits for residency countdown. Look at that gadget... it should be singing songs and displaying fireworks. I am doing a happy dance!

Technically residency has already ended and we are in transit, but still it doesn't really count as over until the contract says it is over and that day is just days away. 10, 9, 8, 7.... it is coming. It is going to end. We are going to start a fellowship and in 365 days from then we will be done. For real this time.

I know this sound cliche, but it really has gone by quickly. Six years is a long time, but looking back it is hard to believe it ever happened.

Did we really live there? Did we really know those people? It seems like a dream that has already started to go foggy. How quickly you can forget things and move on. Wait, do I have PTSD?

Fellowship is going to FLY! 12 months is not a long time, especially when 3-4 weeks in the beginning and the end will be spent unpacking/packing and setting up/taking down. 12 months is 1 summer, 1 fall, 1 winter, and 1 spring. It is one school year. It is 1 Halloween, 1 Thanksgiving, 1 Christmas, 1 New Years, 1 Valentines Day, 1 Anniversary, 1 Birthday. It is just 1.

I am going to totally rock fellowship. I've got this completely under control, there is no way I am going down. It's a year... I just did 6, I can do anything.

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