Monday, September 24, 2012

10 Things I Wish Weren't In My House

Sometimes when you hit a blogging block you need friends to help you get past it. Today I am taking my subject inspiration from The Good Life blog and jumping in for my very first time with Monday Listicles. Luckily, the subject is something I can work with.

10 Things I Wish Weren't In My House (technically it isn't my house - thank heavens)

1. Sugar Ants. They wait outside until my daughter finishes dumping her food on the floor and then magically they appear (usually overnight).

2. Laundry. Piles and piles of laundry to sort, wash, dry, fold, hang - and repeat again tomorrow because my kids forget what is clean and what is dirty. I never want to see it again.

3. Rust. How can rust develop on painted surfaces or carpet? I thought there needed to be metal involved. Looks like rust to me.

4. My furniture. I am so looking forward to the day when our furniture is made from real materials, and not engineered ones or picked up curbside.

5. Vertical blinds. Enough said.

6. Odd sized/shaped windows: huge half circle window in our master bedroom that was apparently too difficult to cover so they didn't. On a full moon our bedroom is bright! I am too lazy to get (buy) a ladder to tack a sheet up. Luckily there isn't a two story house looking down on us.

7. Toys. I hate them. They never get put back where they belong and yet I don't think they are ever played with - the fun stops the minute they are taken out of their organized and assigned spaces.

8. Tampons. I am not wishing for menopause, but I would really like to never see another tampon in my house ever again.

9. Dust. Yes, I could "dust" more often, but what is the point it just keeps coming back. Which is why I occasionally need to invite people over so I have a good reason to do that job.

10. ME! That's right - I am ready to move on. I want to kills ants, do laundry, make my own rust, buy furniture as an investment, have real window treatments, pick up toys, menstruate, and dust another house. A house that I know I will live in for a long time instead of one year here, 6 years there, 4 years here, another year there. I want to be a grown-up and put down roots and make a home. It is so close I can almost taste it.

This was fun! You should consider joining the fun when you have a momentary block that feels more permanent than temporary. She does a new list theme every Monday and you get an entire to week to think about it, if you need it. Did I mention it is fun?

Hope your weekend was fantastic and that you will be back here next Monday, October 1st for another Medical Mondays Blog Hop. You know you want to so mark your calendar now so you don't forget!



  1. Welcome to Listicles!

    Oh, #4. I can relate. Though it's mostly just with our living room, the one room everyone who comes over actually sees. The bedrooms look halfway decent now. :S Our couch is a hand-me-down futon with food stains. Our other seating is a hand-me-down TV bench thingie with pillows on it. A few old wooden end/coffee tables & a lot of toddler toys make up the rest of the decor.

    Our excuse until last year was that the cats would wreck nice furniture. Now the obstacle is that the boy will probably destroy the white leather couch I have my eye on. LOL

  2. My wife was like that. She was into putting down roots as well. Nothing made her happier than when we bought our current house with the idea that we would be living there for 20 years plus.

  3. I hear you. Toys are all over my house too ;)

  4. I want to shoot the architects who put high half-moon windows in bedrooms. Wait, that is way too violent. I want to sneak into their homes and shine industrial strength spotlights on them while they sleep. Much better revenge. Ellen

  5. Yay! You've joined the Listicle club!
    Your house sounds like ours before we gutted it. Good think it's a rental and you'll be moving on soon enough!

  6. I fantasize about our forever house too! I have a mental list of all the things I want/don't want once that day finally arrives!

  7. I've been known to pretend someone was coming over just to motivate myself to clean! lol

  8. Oh my gosh I feel the same way. Especially about #10. I want a house WE own & a place I know we'll be staying at for a while. I feel like I will continue to feel in transition until then. Sucks.

  9. I agree with the dusting. Only to be done before company comes!

  10. I hope the vision of a new home comes your way. There is nothing more satisfying that knowing we belong somewhere.

  11. Welcome! I swear I hate toys too! It drives me crazy picking them up every freaking night so that I don't step on them in the dark when I am going to feed the baby. Yet I always miss one hot wheel and I always step on it Ugh!

  12. What is with the rust on carpets?!?!?! I have dust but am not familiar with the word "dusting". Obviously a highly-overrated activity. :)

  13. I hope you move into your home soon. And I hear you on all these, specially tampons :)
    Lovely to meet you, welcome to Listicles!

  14. Putting down roots is a fabulous goal!


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