Monday, September 17, 2012

Can I Please Skip Today?

I have a problem with Monday. It starts out well enough, but by 7:00 am everything is wrong. I want to crawl back in my bed, pretend the world doesn't exist and wake up on Tuesday morning when everything seems to be back to normal.

Monday's are not good for my health! Between dragging small children out of bed so they have time to get dressed (in wrinkled clothes because they didn't think hanging them up was a good idea), eating breakfast at lightning speed (even though I made breakfast the night before), and rushing to finish homework (which I am blamed for them not completing), fighting with the other people running late in the car drop of lane (seriously, it is insane and makes my blood pressure rise), and then getting little ones ready for the first of the classes that only happen on Monday (why?)... it is enough to make me wish this day was never here. And yet it shows up every week, right on schedule.

Monday is accompanied by lots of yelling. I probably get all my yelling for the week done in the hour between 7:00 and 8:00 am. Yes, the first morning of the school week is bad.

My son informed me that maybe he should go to bed earlier. I couldn't agree more. Let's see how he likes 7:00 pm tonight. And how he likes me removing the 3 night lights he has set up in his room so he can "read".  I wonder if there is a way for me to disable all electricity in his room during the night hours? Someone should invent something like that.

I bang my head against the wall trying to figure out how to make these mornings go more smoothly. I feel like I have done everything that I have control of. What makes things chaotic is that I don't have control over them.

I am up awake, showered, dressed, breakfast eaten, kid lunches made before they even get up. You would think 45 minutes would be sufficient time for little people to get up, get dressed, eat breakfast, comb hair/brush teeth, and be in the car ready to go. Apparently not.

Mental notes for our next move
1.) choose school with bus service
2.) choose school that starts at 8:30
3.) don't schedule anything for Mondays
4.) don't schedule anything... period... ever. I am not cut out for taxi service.

I try to tell myself that tomorrow will be better, but there will always be another Monday next week. ARGHHHH! I don't like Monday's. Oh, and the doctor is on call so it will be me and Monday all day long. Please let today be over soon.



  1. Thanks for helping me find one new silver lining about having teens... they get up and ready for school themselves!
    Sorry your week has started off so poorly! :(

    1. Too bad Monday's have to fall on Monday's. I know I shouldn't wish away these days but it would be so nice if they understood the concept of time and showed some initiative. I know they are only 7 and 5 so I am asking for a lot, and I am not ready for teenage drama!

  2. Don't worry everyone has those days, and I think the earlier bed time and possibly getting them up an hour before school might do the trick. Waking them up that extra 15 minutes early allows for them to wake up slowly. My son loves to take his showers in the am, and this allows for a lot less arguing, because when he comes out he's a whole new person.

    1. We are still working on getting the shampoo completely washed out of his hair. He will come down and I'll rub his head checking for soap suds. He is still young enough that the concept of squeaky clean doesn't mean much to him. I am sure his teachers thought he rolled out of bed in his clothes this morning. But it is 7:39 and everyone is in bed. Mama is happy.

  3. LOL...going through this just 3 days a week. Not looking forward to a real Monday. For sure give them at least an hour (bc they are so young you have to help them more than you would like/think you need to). Keep the younger ones occupied or locked up until you can manage...and if that never happens no problem. I'm not sure if your kids are in private or public school BUT the nice thing about those expensive prep schools is that everyone is understanding of the mom who has a surgeon husband for two reasons: she needs extra patience and she is paying them to smile and nod. Private is the way to go girlfriend... just future reference-might not be possible at this stage. And PS whether I am a SAHM or a working woman (not mom); I HATE MONDAY'S!!! You are not alone.


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