Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Having the Doctor Home isn't Always What I Want

For all my complaining about how much the doctor works and how we wish he were home more I need to add a footnote. We do like it when he is home, but is has been my observation unless there is something specifically planned to do with large blocks of that time, having him home sometimes drives me crazy. The expression you can't have your cake and eat it too, seems to apply here rather well. I'll explain.

We are so accustomed to getting along without him, that when he is home for a full day (especially during the week) it really throws my day off. We have a schedule and routine that we adhere to, almost religiously. When the doctor is home, it upsets the whole balance. I find I am less productive and even grouchy when he is home for too long. Nothing seems to get done, and it feels as though I've lost an entire day.

Case in point: Yesterday he came home early so he could drop his car off at the dealership for some repairs. This man drives his car hard, mostly the miles, so it's no surprise that it needs some work. We had yesterday afternoon and now all day today. He has his ideas of what he would like to do with his free-time and I have my ideas of what I would like for him to do with his free-time. The two don't always mesh.

Yesterday it was swimming, studying, sleeping and online car shopping. I am hoping to get some things crossed off the honey-do list today but his list is pretty long too. Bike ride, eye doctor appt, dentist appt, and pick up the car.

I need to do a better job communicating what I need from him when he is home, but I seem to temper that with feelings that the poor man doesn't get a day off to just "chill and relax". The last thing he probably wants or needs is a wife who is keeping him busy all day. What is a woman to do?

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