Thursday, May 12, 2011

Miracles Do Happen

I made it to my haircut on time! It is a miracle :-)

Thankfully these miracles happen just often enough to get me through the droughts. As an extra bonus today the doctor is at a morning symposium and they don't have any cases scheduled for the afternoon. Translations: the doctor should be home before dinner. Although, it is 1:00 pm and I haven't heard from him yet. My fingers are crossed and I am hopeful it will be so.

I didn't realize it until I put the kids to bed on Tuesday night that they hadn't seen their father since Sunday at 2:00! I saw him late on Monday when he got home. Then he was up before us and home after we had gone to bed, but I saw him. Wednesday at 5:45 they finally got to see their dad. Today they might actually get to spend some time with him. Wish us luck!

Update: just heard from the doctor he will be home by 4:00. It is yet another miracle :-)

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