Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers Day and Other Special Holidays

It's Mothers Day. Yesterday evening after painting a room, mowing the lawn, having dinner, moving furniture into the newly painted room and cleaning up after dinner, he had an errand to run. It's Saturday evening the day before a special occasion and I knew where he was going. He hadn't gotten a card. So when he returned at 10:00 we went to bed.

That morning I did get to sleep in thankfully. The kids all slept through the night. The daughter who has just recently been potty trained didn't have any accidents in the night and I could smell breakfast cooking. French toast with caramelized bananas, bacon, and eggs. It was delicious. After breakfast it was time to get the kids ready for church and then he was off. We had a blessed 4 hours with him on Mothers Day. He had meetings at church that started at 12:00, followed by church at 1:00 and then he was off to Cleveland Ohio for an interview Monday morning.

Holidays and special occasions have diluted meanings when you are married to a doctor. This is not the first time, or the last,  a day that the rest of the world seems to have "together", we do not. Most of the time we don't even get to celebrate an event on the actual day. Sometimes before, sometimes after, and sometimes not at all.

I am married to an amazing man. I probably don't get around to saying that often enough - but he is remarkable. If he weren't I don't think I would have made it this far with him. He is worth the silent suffering, the lonely days and nights, the single-parenting moments, and the tears that I shed for all of those reasons. He is my best friend. He is my husband, and he happens to be a doctor. I read on another blog the other day "I didn't marry a doctor, I married a wonderful man that I wish I saw more of". That sums up my feelings exactly. I miss him and love him with all my heart.

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