Friday, January 20, 2012

Car vs. Kids

My DrH is a car guy. He loves talking about them, he loves looking at them, he would like me to be a little more excited about cars, etc. However, he is not at all mechanical. He doesn't look at classic cars with longing,  he looks at new cars. The types of cars that you would never work on yourself in a million years. Which is a good thing considering he isn't a mechanic.

He is always telling me about the cars that the attendings are driving. Once he even got to drive one! And recently he told me about the car a resident bought for his wife. She got a new Lexus IS. I don't want one. I do try to be happy for others when good things come their way. And I am. I try to look at what I have, what I want, and what I need through the lens of choices.

I can have a new car OR the kids, but not both. I chose the kids. There will be plenty of time for new cars in the future, but the time for having kids is running out every day. Even on those days when my car is acting up and the kids are too, its nice to remind myself that I have exactly what I wanted.

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  1. S was the same way... it was all about the car.
    I agree with everything you had to say here - kids. That's real love. That's real meaning!! Love this post :)


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