Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I have finally been able to get my wedding ring back on my finger! It has been over 9 months since I could get it on and off easily. My DrH had noticed its absence and pleaded for me to get it sized. I refused, knowing that when the baby weight all came off (and it would) that it would fit right once again. I wore it yesterday for the first time. It was only for a few hours and it easily came off without the help of Windex. That is a great sign, it means that I am back.

While I was pregnant I didn't like going out in public with three children and no ring on my finger. Not that anyone would have looked at me and suspected that I had these children out of wedlock, but I wanted to display that fact that I was married. So I picked up a cheap costume wedding ring at a department store. The kind of ring I would have picked out if money were no object. It was a classic round fake diamond, probably 1.5 - 2 carats with 2 small marquis fake diamonds on the side. It was very pretty.

I am ashamed to admit that I got used to the size and feel of it. I loved the way it looked especially when I paired it with a fake diamond channel set band. It was truly beautiful. After the baby was born that ring eventually started to feel to large on my finger so I have gone without for the last few months.

Putting on my real wedding ring and band was nice, but it felt so small. When we got engaged DrH was in his 3rd year of medical school. I knew he didn't have any money, and suggested that he just get me a band. That it wasn't necessary that I have an engagement ring. Of course, he didn't listen to me. He purchased a lovely round solitaire in a white gold setting. I loved it. It is less than .75 carats. When I had the ring taken in to be sized after he gave it to me the lady at the jewelry store told me that she remembered this man and that I was lucky to have him. She told me that in his price range he could have picked out a bigger diamond with more flaws but choose the one that he did because it was the most perfect, just like me.

Over the years I have thought about this engagement ring, that even with the diamond wedding band doesn't make a carat. Would I ever want to trade up, and get a larger diamond? I don't believe that I would. This diamond will always be a reminder of where we were, what we had, and that getting married at the right time for us was more important than the size of ring he could afford at the time. The size of the diamond doesn't indicate the depth of devotion. The diamond will remind me that my husband chose quality over quantity and that I am perfect for him just as he is perfect for me. The ring will serve as my compass reminding me where we have been and that where we are going doesn't matter as long as we are together.

I do like diamonds, so I hope some stud earrings are in my future some day! Those diamonds can remind me of something else altogether different:-)


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