Thursday, January 26, 2012

Generous People

I am attempting to do a better job recognizing the good things that have come our way over the course of our schooling and training experience. It just so happened that I was cleaning out a large cedar chest that I keep pictures in and things I am going to scrapbook one day when I get the time. As I was going through photos and documents, throwing away duplicates and questioning whether I really need to keep a blurred picture of a pineapple field taken from a moving car, I ran across a lovely note written to my DrH during the last year of medical school. I am going to make a scrapbook for him someday.

"Thank you for the interest you showed in xxx while he was in the hospital. We wish you success in your medical career. We know that it is a long expensive road. Please accept our gift to help with some of your expenses. This is a tax free gift. - Sincerely xxx"

I wish I had written the exact date that we received this wonderful note and check for $1,000. Can you believe that?  At the time we were dumbfounded that someone who had known my DrH for a very short time would be so generous. It doesn't surprise me that they appreciated my DrH's attentive bedside manner, he is truly a great guy. He is the kind of guy that everyone immediately likes, I know I did. The note alone would have been a wonderful gesture. A couple of dollars would have been reason to celebrate. But to give a large sum of money? Who does that?

I shouldn't be surprised. I believe in a God who knows exactly what we need, when we need it. They were our angels. Not the kind with wings that disappear after they have done their work, but living angels who had the thought that this nice young man with a family could use a little help, and then followed through on it. I am trying to exercise a little faith that everything will be OK. We've never been left wanting. Even though it appears that there is no way we are going to finish residency with any cash left in our pocket, somehow, someway, every thing will be just fine.

I am notorious for having a thought about something I should do for someone, a call I should make, a note I should write... and never follow through. I can think of two right now!  I have certainly missed several opportunities to help someone in need or lift a heavy heart. Coming across this letter made me add another resolution to my list: better late than never. Rather than get upset with myself because I didn't do something when I thought of it, I am going to cut myself some slack and do it when I can. Hopefully it will be sooner than later, but doing it later is better than never.

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  1. I am SO the same way.
    I am bad for sending the thank you cards.
    Or the thank you emails.
    It bothers me that I have been so careless - but I am going to make a conscious effort to start showing my appreciation.
    I needed this post today!


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