Saturday, January 21, 2012

Glimpse of Heaven

Maybe because I have been reading a book on happiness I am paying more attention to the things in my life that bring me the most joy and happiness. For a brief moment today I caught a glimpse of perfect happiness.

The DrH is on call this week and left early this morning for rounds. I stayed in bed until 10:00 reading the previously mentioned book. The kids entertained themselves. He came around lunch time and everyone piled on the couch. DrH trying to nap while the 5 year old was pretend sleeping on top of him. Our 3 year old tucked in by his side. My son was leaning up against me with a book and our 7 month old was in my arms. For 10 minutes we all sat there together. No poking, no crying, no passing gas, no whining, no begging for food... just peace and contentment. How often does that happen for 6 people living in the same house, on the same couch, at the same time? It may never happen again, thus the permanent recording of it here.

I made the mental note that when it comes times to buy a couch I would love to have an over sized sectional where we could all do this a little more comfortably, and hopefully a little more often. Then again, the HGTV dream home had the perfect couch... could it be a sign?

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  1. I love this... and how important is it to remember these exact moments? Glad you were able to get it down in print. And I think the roomy sectional sounds like a great plan!


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