Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dream Home - HGTV

Did you see this years HGTV Dream Home? If you haven't, don't look now and certainly don't enter. The fewer people enter the better my chances are of winning!

The DrH and I watched it a couple of nights ago, and with a boyish grin whispered to me that he had already entered us. Then I reminded him that he can do it twice every day:-) So we are crossing our fingers. Really, we know our chances of winning anything are about zero. But as the lottery slogan says, "you can't win, if you don't play". Well we don't gamble, including lottery tickets, so we never play and thus never win. That way we also never lose.

But back to the house. It is outside Park City, UT. I am not from Utah, but how could you not love those mountains! I am not a particularly outdoorsy kind of girl, but I could try.... all I could see was open spaces and clear skies. And it is close enough to city entertainment and shopping, which one day I hope to partake of in whatever city we live in. And the home was gorgeous! They called it a modern ranch.

Just about any home with a big kitchen island gets my heart going pitter-patter. Our kitchen right now is so small that I can sit at the table and open the refrigerator to get the milk. It is so small that when everyone is seated at the table there isn't room to walk between the table and refrigerator unless you turn sideways and scoot through. Having anyone over for dinner is like being in a circus routine.

Watching this show with my DrH reminded me of a conversation we had on a long car ride this weekend. Getting a job will be kind of like winning the lottery. I don't want to make the same mistakes that most lottery winners make! Yes, I want a nice home, but how will I know what nice is? (Thank heavens for HGTV to show me the way). I will think anything better than what we have will be amazing. I told him that when we finally do get a paycheck I don't want to rush into buying a home. I want to take my time and see everything that is out there.  My DrH concern is that I won't allow us to spend money and that we'll be living in a rental, shopping at garage sales and clearance racks! Those habits have been deeply entrenched and after nearly a decade of surviving from one paycheck to the next it will be quite a different feeling to have a little more to work with.

Whether I win the HGTV Dream Home, or just spend the next several years thinking about my own dream home - it's nice to have a dream that one day may become a reality.

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  1. Can you IMAGINE winning that??? How awesome!! I am crossing my fingers and toes for you guys.
    It will be so nice for you guys to have some money to play with... it's true - you're almost not going to know what to do with it??
    I can't wait to follow along for that journey with you guys!!


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