Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Doctor McHottie

Where are all the hot doctors? Oh, that's right they are all on television pretending to be doctors. When I close my eyes and imagine going to see a doctor for some "problem" he is usually a late 30's early 40's male in excellent physical condition, well groomed, happily married, and above average in the attractiveness scale. Granted the last time I saw a male doctor he was a short, fat, balding man with bad breath. That experience didn't alter my day dream version of what a doctor should be. I have successfully been brainwashed by all those medical dramas and comedies. Try it, who do you see when you think about a potential visit to a doctor you have never seen before. See... he is cute (or she, whatever).

As we've started looking for jobs we've seen some rather interesting mug shots, I mean portraits, of physicians. That's right we are doing our homework, and checking out the docs - where they trained, what they are working on, and they happen to have photographs. (Note to self: make sure DrH gets professional photos from a professional photographer, some of these pictures look like my sons 1st grade school pictures).  My favorite is the guy, excuse me - surgeon, who looks like he belongs in the mafia. He even has his own introductory video, which doesn't do much to sway my initial reaction.

Is there a specialty that attracts more attractive people? Are all the attractive doctors still students/residents? Does working 80 hours a week for a decade or two make a person lose their "hotness"? Are less than attractive people attracted to medicine as a way to compensate for their looks? height? thinning hair? I know that is a harsh assumption. I just assumed that there would be more good-looking doctors. Or maybe all the good looking doctors with practices aren't looking to hire because everybody wants to work with the good looking group. That would explain all the less than good looking doctors looking to hire... maybe they are hoping to find a good looking candidate. That is good news for us.

My DrH is an attractive guy. Or at least I find him attractive. When I put his picture up against some of these other doctors, he is obviously above average. When he actually practices on his own I can see potential patients looking through the photos of the physicians and choosing the best looking doctor on the list. Forget where he trained! The older women especially can't get enough of my DrH:-)


  1. This reminded me of a blog I came across a not too long ago - from the patient's perspective -
    and then the follow up:

    Also, apparently, it's not too good for business if you are a handsome OB/GYN. Apparently, there is an incredibly drop-dead gorgeous hunk of a man working as an OB/GYN at a hospital near-by. 3 of my 12 bunco friends have been his patient. They all found someone else to take care of their PAPs. Said it was 'too weird'. An other actually had him deliver her baby. Her husband travels all the time for business and met him the first time in the delivery room. She said he was giving her strange looks the whole time she was in labor. She dropped him after that.

    1. OK, that is one of the funniest blog posts I have read in a long time! Thanks for the links:-)


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